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About the Author

Angela Yuriko Smith  is a professional writer with extensive experience in newspapers and online publications. Her work has been featured internationally, including a live interview on NPR. 

Under her former byline she worked for two years as a contract writer for which included interviews with Joan Jett, John Nance, Amy Dacyczyn, and Randy'L He-Dow Teton, the only living model for an American coin. There she published over 60 articles and maintained two columns entitled SAHMM I Am, Military by Moonlight and covered the 9/11 crisis from the viewpoint of a military spouse. She was also interviewed at that time for the Satellite Sister's Show on National Public Radio.

Previously published under the byline of Angela Yuriko Cato and occasionally under her pen name of Dandilyon Jinx, she currently lives in Australia.  She also has a large collection of regular newspaper clips from her time at The Community News in Browns Mills, New Jersey and a few pieces for The Daily News in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.  Otherwise she prefers to work online. 

Currently she maintains this blog, is finishing book projects and exploring virtual marketing via House of SilverJinx, a successful design business.

To contact Angela, please email her at

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