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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Now Officially 'Fluffing' in Ten Countries

Looking over the blog stats today I was thrilled to find out that this blog has now been read in 10 different countries. 

I was pretty stoked to be read in just two countries, so finding out that I've 'Fluffed' in places as varied as Russia, Japan and Slovenia was a pleasant shock. 

It made me realize how little I actually know about my planet as a global community and it inspires me to learn more.  If you're going to take the time to read me, I'll definitely take the time to learn about you.

What interested me the most, as I sat mulling over statistics, was who are all of you?  Some of you I know (waves at Kyra and Stefanie), but most of you are mystery wrapped in data.  Every piece of the puzzle I'm given allows me a bigger picture, which leads to more questions.  

For instance, if everyone apparently hates Internet Explorer, then why are 67% of us still using it?  And I constantly hear people rave about Google Chrome, and all I can assume is that the small percentage of you (7%) are very outspoken and impassioned about your web browsers.  I've never even heard of Opera, Safari and Jakarta Commons - I feel like such a noob!  Last but not least, yes FireFox, you were Explorer's runner up at a whopping 13%. 

Another amazing thing I can study about my readers is what you're using to log on to read me.  Most of us are run of the mill Windows users, and no, I can't see what version.  Interestingly enough, more readers log in from their iPhones then their Macs (8% vs 3%). 

What really got me tho was people reading from their iPod.  I feel so low tech now to admit mine just plays music and video.  And then there is the one person that pops in on their iPad.  I can just picture you sitting at some polished cafe, peering at your glossy screen over a cappuccino. 

Yes, I am jealous of you.  I shouldn't admit this, but the thought of having my very own iPad gives me a bit of a hot tickle in the back of my throat.  I'm not entirely sure why I want one, or what I can do with it....I just admit to being iBrainwashed.

So now I know a little bit more about all of you, and it's only made me more curious.  Statistics are like having a lick of ice cream for lunch on a hot day... definitely tasty but hardly a meal.  Today, however, I'll have to be satisfied with my numerical nibbles, as that's all I'm being offered at the moment. 

I've had writers tell me that they write for themselves, not an audience.  If that ever becomes true for me I'll just cut out the middle man and talk to myself.  Until then, I want to thank all of you for taking the time to read me.  Each of you is, in a word, AWESOME!

Countries I've Fluffed
  1. Australia
  2. America
  3. Canada
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Malaysia
  6. Japan
  7. Slovenia
  8. Russia
  9. India
  10. Netherlands

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